Catalogues and publications


The Third Edition Of The Project Biennal Of Contemporary Art, D-0 Ark Underground, 2015


Have A Look into My Life! Self-Representation Of Roma In Contemporary Art
ISBN 978-3-85435-742-1




We Roma – A Critical Reader
Valz/BAK Utrecht


Kai Dikhas Ort des Sehens Places to See 2
Damian Le Bas, Gabi Jimenez, Imrich Tomas, Ceija Stojka, Kiba Limburg, Nihad Nino Pusija
Edition Braus Berlin
ISBN 9783862280346

Freizeichen, Künstlerische, Intervention, Im Kontext, Jugendlicher,
ISBN 978-3-943774-078-5


Safe European Home?
Produced by Into The City for Safe European Home?
Vienna, Austria. May/June 2011


Romano Dzaniben
Casopis Romistickych Studi, June 2010
ISSN 1210 – 8545

ROMALE! Personliches Uber Aufbach, Kunst & Activismus
Published by Drava
ISBN 978-3-85435-641-7


Land of Human Rights, Artistic Analyses and Visions of the Human Rights Situation in Europe
ISBN 978-3-86895-028-1 and

The Map As Art: Contemporary Artists Explore Cartography
By Katherine Harmon

Etudes Tsiganes: Literatures Romani: Construction ou Realite?
Nouvelle serie numero 36  Volume 1 Numero special

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