SHOW: Trangressing the Past, Shaping the Future, Eriac Art Space, Berlin


Berlin, Germany, ERIAC Art Space
Dec 15, 2017 – May 15, 2018

A reconstruction of the Launching Exhibition of the European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture in collaboration with Gallerie Kai Dikhas

Artists: Daniel Baker, Julia Baki, Tibor Balogh, Gabi Jimenez, Sead Kazanxhiu, Delaine Le Bas, Damian Le Bas, Tamara Moyzes, Alexander Schikowski,  Alfred Ulrich, Erika Varga

The ERIAC exhibition provides space for Roma artists and creative thinkers to present artworks, images, objects and ideas that unveil Roma history and contemporary reality as a form of constant adaptation, realignment and re-invention. Roma artists and authors through their genuine diversity can transcend boundaries and invite a universal participation…

In the past four decades, Roma contemporary art has been one of the most effective means for communicating clearly and deeply from within the Roma subjectivity. The Roma movement now moves forward – building on its history – to celebrate the future of Roma self-determination.

The exhibition presents three lines of pedestals, on which art pieces, historical objects and personal memorabilia together with the new media works form a comprehensive narrative: They unfold the story of Roma contribution to Europe’s history and culture while confessing about the aspects of the personal, the community and the collective experience…

Curator: Timea Junghaus, Moritz Pankok.


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